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Asian music
Welcome to the Asian Music collective, the most comprehensive collection and catalog of asian music. The AMC was started by Patchy on July 31st, 2007 and is a relatively new and up and coming project. The original idea sprang into my head as I was Grieving over the massive amounts of music I have lost over the years due to various computers kicking the bucket without warning. It then occured to me how hard it would be to find all of the music I had lost and return my collection to it's former glory.
I subsequently contrived the idea of creating a master list of Asian music not only with downloads of said music
but also with Artist Bios and information. However, this isn't the kind of thing one person can do on their own.
I then ask that fans like myself to please step forward and lead your talents and time to help a good cause.
There are a number of ways you can help: supplying music for download, lending hosting space for downloads,
writing up original articles and bios for artists, etc.

If you would like to--
Supply music but not host it
Please email me at Radioactivenetwork at hotmail.com
We're looking particularly for full albums with album artwork zipped up in either
a .zip or .RAR file. For now, if the file goes over 50mb, please break it up into
smaller files of under 50mb each. The file names should first include the artist, then the album
and lastly(if there are more than one parts) the number of which part it is. For example, Plastic Tree - Nega to Poji#1.rar

Supply music and also host it
Please email me at Radioactivenetwork at hotmail.com
We will not except files that are uploaded to temporary hosting serivces such as megaupload,
yousendit, mediafire, etc. We only accept files that are uploaded where they will not be
deleted in the future. We do allow uploads to 4shared and similar services that allow you to
manage your files. However, your best bet to get your files accepted is to upload them to your
own server and this would in turn help the AMC the most. Free hosting only goes so far and we
intend on staying free. period.

Provide Bios or Artist/lyrics/album information
Please email me at Radioactivenetwork at hotmail.com
Please only submit original works wirtten entriely by yourself. If I wanted copy and paste
I'd just go to wikipedia. Please only provide known facts if you're writing about artists.
If submitting lyrics, please include a romanized version and an english translation if you
can find one. If your articles are particularly well written, you may be asked to be a regular.